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Johanna Silva



    Proud Houston native Johanna Silva uses her many years of experience as an educator to teach her clients how to attain their dreams through real estate.

    A true visionary, Johanna fell in love with real estate in 2017 during her own investment projects. She sought out properties with the opportunity for improvement and jumped in ready to learn. Driven by hard work, determination, and hands-on experience, Johanna excelled at uncovering a property’s full potential, and she turned her flip properties into beautiful dwellings that commanded top prices.

    Also the co-owner of Creed Home Services, a fully licensed general contracting business that works directly with lenders and renovation loans, Johanna has a wealth of resources at her fingertips. She is passionate about sharing her vast knowledge, empowering others to succeed, and supporting her clients throughout the process. Specializing in brand new-buyers, current homeowners, and seasoned investors, Johanna is a patient and knowledgeable partner who believes homeownership is an exciting endeavor. She’s proud to help her clients with all their real estate needs.

    Outside of real estate, Johanna cares deeply for her community and her faith. She enjoys serving others through the Hope City, is inspired to make a positive impact on her community, and is committed to helping people in any way she can.

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