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Brenda Clute




    Brenda Clute was born and raised in Houston, TX, so she knows her city and the surrounding region like the back of her hand. Since becoming an agent in 2018, she has continually studied the latest market trends and the sharpest techniques with the goal of giving her clients the best service in the industry.

    Brenda consistently goes above and beyond expectations to ensure that her clients succeed quickly. She aims to make the real estate process seamless, whether you are a seasoned veteran who has bought and sold many homes or a first-time buyer. After more than eight years of experience in human resources, Brenda has mastered the art of communication and interpersonal relations. She connects with her clients while making them feel comfortable and at home.

    Brenda believes in strong family ties, and she looks to hers as her motivation to be the best she can be. When not working, you’ll find Brenda with her beloved family or indulging in her favorite hobby, saltwater fishing.

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